Coaching vs Consulting

Coaching has moved from the woo-woo camp to more commonly acceptable. It takes courage to incorporate support. It takes bravery to invest in yourself. Coaching is all about holding the space, knowing that you are the expert on you, and reminding you that you actually have the
answers. Together, we hold the space to allow you to explore where you’d rather be and what’s holding you back. Coaching also helps keep you accountable to yourself. I am here for you. You set the pace, and my goal is to lovingly help remind you of what
matters most to you. Together, we discuss where you are feeling blocked and explore tools that might help you get into a sense of flow.


Consulting is more directive. There is still coaching involved, but it involves
a little more collaborative strategy. Most of my consulting is in a small business context, but can apply to the financial boot camp program as well. With the consulting arm, I am able to bring in more tools and resources.


In a small business context, the entrepreneur directly effects the business – and the business will in time take on its’ own energy. Here, I have found a consulting model to be more efficient as my background in administration yields particular expertise. The biggest benefit is having someone in your corner that believes in you. I love utilizing both aspects, as they can yield results more swiftly.

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